So that we might live our lives in such a way that the effects spread like widening circles, reverberating around the world, we must first dip our toes into the waters. So that we might bring some semblance of understanding to the table, we must bring with us experience and truth, not just opinions and ideas. Our circumstances guide us, and our paths will be shaped from the point at which we start.

In November of 2003, three Seattle activists set off for Palestine to work with the International Solidarity Movement, each finding very unique paths. Perhaps because we were inspired by Rachel Corrie, perhaps because we have a passion for justice and human rights, perhaps because it is our responsibility as United States citizens, we took our commitment to social change to a new level and a new place. is an avenue for us to share our experiences and perspectives, photographs, as well as additional information and organizing resources. We feel that, regardless of one's personal politics, this site can be informative and interesting to anyone with an open mind and a desire to make change. We believe justice is possible and imperative, and through justice can come peace and understanding.

While we are committed to intellectual integrity, we do have our own thoughts and analyses on the situation. We do not intend to preach sectarian side-taking, but to perhaps reveal a new perspective through which a just peace might be found.

Against the Wall Network 

CrossSection - The Seattle CrossSection collective is focused on connecting and empowering activists and communities.
Taxstrike - information about refusing material support to the US government (tax resistance).
Gnosis - politics, philosophy, poetry, visual art, photography and music created by a Seattle activist.

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